Easy Way Root Vivo Xplay 3s Using Vroot

Easy Way Root Vivo Xplay 3s Using Vroot

Root Vivo Xplay 3s. On this guide, guidebelajar will show you how to root Vivo Xplay 3s. Vivo Xplay 3s is an Android smartphone that has LCD screen 6 inches on wide, work on Android 4.3 Jellybean operating system. which powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-core 2300 MHz processor and combined with 3 GB of RAM, and big 5 MP pixel of the main camera.

Before you continued to perform a root on your Vivo Xplay 3s please read carefully what is the advantage and risk to root your Vivo Xplay 3s devices.
Root Vivo Xplay 3s
Root Vivo Xplay 3s
  1. With rooting your device, you could remove any applications that are installed on the internal memory.
  2. The user can change the configuration of the hardware on your Android smartphone.
  3. You can use custom ROM to flash your android system
  4. More flexible to setting data stored in memory. you can Uninstall Built-in applications.

Preparation to root Vivo Xplay 3s.

  1. Always to perform your backup data, if you have any trouble please read this article to back up your important data
  2. your battery must be minimum have 80% of power to continued root process.

Guide Root Vivo Xplay 3s(First).

  1. Enable USB Debugging on your Vivo Xplay 3s Phone.  
  2. You can Go to the system settings and open Developer options then check on USB debugging option
  3. Or, you can see this guide for further information. or this
  4. Then, go to system setting to open Security tab and scroll down to find and tick Unknown Source option.
  5. Next step is D0wnload and install Root App (Vroot) for your Vivo Xplay 3s phone. Here.
    Root Vivo Xplay 3s
    Root Vivo Xplay 3s
  6. After finish install this App, don't forget to run this App
  7. D0wnload and install USB Cable driver for Vivo Xplay 3s phone. Here 
  8. http://hexamob.com/news/download-android-usb-drivers-for-vivo/
  9. Then, Connect your Vivo Xplay 3s phone to the computer. 
  10. At this time the computer detects the device, the program that we left open in step 6 will detect it too. You can check it on the VRoot screen.
    Root Vivo Xplay 3s
    Root Vivo Xplay 3s
  11. Once you have activated the phone in USB Debugging, check the “UDisk function” mode.
  12.  In the program VRoot you left open on the computer you will see a green button with letters in Chinese and in which you also read “Root”. Click this button.
    Root Vivo Xplay 3s
    Root Vivo Xplay 3s
  13. When the process is complete the phone will reboot automatically.
  14. While restart you can check that Super User has been installed and the rooting process completed successfully on your Vivo Xplay 3s

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