How To Root ZTE Blade S6.

How To Root ZTE Blade S6.

Root ZTE Blade S6. Today's guidebelajar will share about guide how to Root ZTE Blade S6. Beware that root process on your android phone will void your waranty. And guidebelajar not responsible for bricked devices, bootloop, broken SD cards, because your failed root process.
How To Root ZTE Blade S6.
How To Root ZTE Blade S6.

Guide Root ZTE Blade S6.

  1. Before you starting root process, it's better you backup you important data first.
  2. Your battery must be 80% charged
  3. Download and isntall USB driver for ZTE Blade S6. Here
  4. Activate your USB Debugging on your ZTE Blade S6.  see this guide (link 1 and link 2)
  5. Download root tool Eroot tool for ZTE Blade S6. Here
  6. Then, Unzip the package and save it on your computer
  7. Start the Eroot
  8. Plug your device (with USB debug activated)
  9. Follow the instructions show on screen
  10. At the end, please install SuperSU find it on Google Play Store
  11. Reboot your device, root is done

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