How to Unlock Bootloader On Sony Xperia.

How to Unlock Bootloader On Sony Xperia.

Unlock Bootloader On Sony Xperia. Some people call Unlock Bootloader with UBL,  We know that Sony Xperia Phones devices always came with a locked bootloader. why someone need to unlock bootloader ? This is the reason why should anyone unlock the bootloader. Someone try to unlock bootloader because they want to activate developer option or want to install custom or modified ROMs, flash custom recovery and other tweaks on their phones. So.. they have to unlock bootloader.

Once Sony Xperia bootloader successfully unlocked, the user will get more hidden features on Sony Xperia device, So, you can also install other tweaks. Below you can read more guide to Unlock Bootloader On Android Sony Xperia smartphones

Attention :  Unlocking your device may void all or parts of your warranty by Sony. and you will never get OTA updates by sony. And one thing should you know that in this guide we can not get back our bootloader. it's mean you can Relock Bootloader. So, Beware what will you do. 

What is your prepair ?

  1. You can apply this guide on any type of Sony Smartphone.
  2. Download latest flash tool for sony Xperia. Here.

Check Bootloader Unlock Support for your Sony Experia Phone.

  1. first, switch On your Sony Experia.
  2. Then dial this number :  *#*#7378423#*#*
    Check Bootloader Unlock Support
    Check Bootloader Unlock Support
  3. Select Service info -> 
  4. then tap Configuration
  5. Make sure you see Bootloader Unlocked Allowed: Yes on Rooting status  (if there isn't it's mean you can not Unlock Bootloader your sony experia)
    Check Bootloader Unlock Support
    Check Bootloader Unlock Support

Get Unlock Bootloader Key.

  1. Open Sony Website Here.
  2. Scroll down the page,
  3. Then, select your Sony Xperia type
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Then, type your Valid Email address. 
  6. Give on Terms and conditions checklist below 
  7. then click submit.
  8. Log in to your email account you registered and then check the email inbox from Sony> Click on the link provided Sony.
  9. Check your IMEI by dial *#06#. If you have dual SIM on your Sony Xperia, you will get 2 number IMEI, just input number one
  10. After you found your IMEI input it on sony website. Input all number but left one number at the end of your IMEI number. Example. your IMEI is 1234567891234, You just input all number except number 4 at the end of your IMEI.
  11. Then your key will appear on screen, Save your key

Get Started to Unlock Bootloader.

I will explain to you step by step how to unlock bootloader on Sony Xperia smartphone. You must read all activity carefully before you apply to perform it to your Sony Xperia M2 Single And Duals.
  1. Open flash tool that you have downloaded and installed.
  2. If you see Device Selector as shown below, Just click Cancel.
    device selctor flash tool
    device selctor flash tool
  3. Then, select BLU
    BLU flash tool
    BLU flash tool
  4. You will see popup message wait for flashmode> Switch Off your Sony Xperia > Press and Hold volume down, then connect Sony Xperia to the computer via USB cable.
    wait for flash mode - flash too
    wait for flash mode - flash tool
  5. Then you will see popup again. wait for fastboot> unplug the USB cable> while hold and pressing volume up (+), connect your Sony Xperia to the computer via USB cable.
    wait for fastboot - flash tool
    wait for fastboot - flash tool
  6. Fill the form with Unlock Code that you get from Sony website, then click Unlock.
    unlock code - flash tool
    unlock code - flash tool
  7. When you see warning like picture shown below (OKAY and FINISHED) you can disconnect your USB Cable.
    okay finished - flash tool
    okay finished - a flash tool
  8. Finish, Now you can switch On your Sony Xperia
  9. To check your success UBL please dial :  *#*#7378423#*#* > Service Info > Configuration
    • If everything you did above got success you will see : Bootloader Unlocked: Yes
    • But if failed, you will see : Bootloader Unlocked Allowed : Yes
Now you can install custom ROMs, flash a custom recovery and perform other system tweaks on your HTC phone because your Sony Xperia M2 Single And Dual has Unlock Bootloader. congratulation.

I'm as Guidebelajar admin doesn't to be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. 

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