[Guide] How to Flash the Factory Images and Return to Stock LG Nexus 5X

[Guide] How to Flash the Factory Images and Return to Stock LG Nexus 5X.

Flash the Factory Images LG Nexus 5X. This guide will explain how to Flash the Factory Images and Return to Stock LG Nexus 5X, by following this guide you can return the phone to be like it was when it came out of the box. Make sure always backup your personal data and files stored on your internal memory, cause this action will erase or wipe everything. Actually, you can flash your LG Nexus 5X without wiping your personal data, but it would be written in the next article. Now following this guide below carefully, to avoid damage or broken your LG Nexus 5X device.


Before you perform this task, make sure your Bootloader is Unlocked. For more instruction guide you can see this guide.

Guide to flash LG Nexus 5X.

  1. Switch On your LG Nexus 5X device.
  2. Then perform factory data reset.
    • Go to Settings
    • Then Backup and Reset.
    • Then follow all instruction shown on screen.
    • Beware. This action will remove all of your user data from the LG Nexus 5X device (apps, settings, photos, music, etc).
  3. Once it was done, now download the appropriate factory images for your model.
  4. Extract the bullhead-xxxxxx-factory-xxxxxxxx (x's replace variables) into a directory on your computer. You can use 7zip to extract this file.
  5. You can create a folder on drive C:
    • C:\bullhead\
  6. Once extract finished, Open it and move the following files to a new directory.

    • C:\bullhead\images\:
  7. This is your file content.

    • bootloader-bullhead-bullhead-xx.xx.img
    • radio-bullhead-bullhead-xx.xx.img
    • flash-al-sh
    • flash-base.sh
    • flash-al
    • Flash the Factory Images and Return to Stock LG Nexus 5X
      Flash the Factory Images and Return to Stock LG Nexus 5X
  8. Within C:\bullhead\bullhead-xxxxxx\ you'll see another zip archive named image-bullhead-xxxxxx.
  9. Now, extract the zip content of into a folder.

    • C:\bullhead\images\
  10. Then, within C:\bullhead\images\ you should have the following files:

    • android-info.txt
    • boot.img
    • bootloader-bullhead-bullhead-xx.xx.img
    • cache.img
    • radio-bullhead-bullhead-xx.xx.img
    • recovery.img
    • system.img
    • userdata.img
    • vendor.img.
  11. Connect your LG Nexus 5X device to the computer using the USB cable.
  12. Now, Open a command prompt from within your fastboot folder.To start this command prompt just hold shift + right click, select open command prompt here.
  13. Then type;

    • adb reboot bootloader
  14. Now, enter this command to flash your LG Nexus 5X device.

    • fastboot flash bootloader C:\bullhead\images\bootloader-bullhead-bullhead-xx.xx.img fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot flash radio C:\bullhead\images\radio-bullhead-bullhead-xx.xx.img fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot flash boot C:\bullhead\images\boot.img fastboot erase cache fastboot flash cache C:\bullhead\images\cache.img fastboot flash recovery C:\bullhead\images\recovery.img fastboot flash system C:\bullhead\images\system.img fastboot flash vendor C:\bullhead\images\vendor.img
  15. Once all commands or flashes process is complete you can reboot the LG Nexus 5X device:
  16. To reboot this device, type.

    • fastboot reboot
  17. Finish.

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