How to Enable the Fingerprint Scanner on Sony Xperia XZ US Edition.

How to Enable the Fingerprint Scanner on Sony Xperia XZ US Edition.

Enable Fingerprint Scanner Xperia XZ US. This is a quick guide that explains to you how to enable the Fingerprint Scanner on Sony Xperia XZ US Edition. By default, your Sony Xperia XZ US Edition is not enabled to use fingerprint scanner due to some licensing issues. This is not my own method, this was actually discovered and tested by someone as a member of XDA forum. The original thread is available from here. Just follow step by step instruction as I read the thread. From the following thread, I try to present this guide briefly and easily understood by everyone.

Ok, now let's start this guide.


  1. You must download and install Xperifirm on your computer or PC. Here
  2. Then download the Xperia Flash Tool from here.

Instruction Guide.

  1. Download all the required tools above.
  2. If you are the first time using Xperifirm, please read the following guidelines how to use it.
  3. Now, open Xperifirm.
  4. Once Xperifirm window launched, now double click Xperia XZ to select the version.
    download xperia xz firmware
    download Xperia XZ firmware
  5. Then click F8331 as USA version.
  6. Then pay attention to the right window of XperiFirm, you can select the following list ;
    • Market: United Kingdom
    • Operator: Customized UK
      download Xperia XZ firmware
      download Xperia XZ firmware
  7. Double click at the selected operator (shown by number 1), and then click available firmware (shown by number 2).
  8. Just follow the next instruction, until you completely download the Sony Xperia XZ UK customized firmware.
  9. Once it successfully downloaded, open the firmware info file from the Xperia UK customized firmware folder.
  10. You must delete fwinfo.xml file from the folder before you convert into.ftf

Flash Firmware Using Flash Tool.

  1. Once flash tool successfully installed on your computer, now open the flashtool program windows.
  2. With your Xperia XZ turned off, hold down volume down and plug in your phone into the PC using USB cable.
  3. Now, point to Tools - Bundles - Create,
  4. create bundle - Xperia flashtool
    create a bundle - Xperia flash tool
  5. From the bundler window, you can click select source folder. then you can select the folder contain Sony Xperia XZ US edition firmware previously downloaded.
    flashtool bundle window
    flash tool bundle window
  6. Now your firmware already in flash tool.
    firmware already in flashtool
    firmware already in flashtool
  7. Then double click device, select and double click Sony Xperia XZ
    flash sony xperia XZ
    flash Sony Xperia XZ
  8. On the next step, double click F8331 version.
    Sony Xperia XZ F8331
    Sony Xperia XZ F8331 
  9. Now, type the following text at branding and version form.
    flash Xperia XZ US Edition
    flash Xperia XZ US Edition
  10. Now, select all file under folder list, then click an arrow to move the file to the right of flash tool windows.
    flash Xperia XZ US Edition
    flash Xperia XZ US Edition
  11. Now, your firmware already moves to the firmware content window. And then click create button.
    flash Xperia XZ US Edition
    flash Xperia XZ US Edition
  12. The flash tool is going to create the bundle for us, it does take a minute to create the bundle. So, don't worry too much about that. It's going to view moments, just wait until creating the bundle finished. 
  13. Once it finished, now click the lightning button at the top left flash tool windows.

  14. lightning button - xperia flash tool
    lightning button - Xperia flash tool

  15. Then select Flash mode at the Pop-up window - Click OK button.
  16. At the next windows, select the following task.

    • Under firmware's windows.
      • Select Sony Xperia XZ 
      • Select F8331
      • Select Customized UK2
      • Select Version (1305-2216_39.0.A.1.250_R5B).
        Sony Xperia XZ firmware
        Sony Xperia XZ firmware

  17. The flash tool will be preparing files for flashing, Just wait for the flashing process to finish.

  18. Check Your Fingerprint menu.

    Once everything complete, you can power On your phone and the check the finger print menu is active now.
    1. Go to settings
    2. Scroll down the Settings screen, and tap lock screen & Security
    3. the fingerprint manager should be there now.
    4. Now you can start to set up the fingerprint to lock and unlock your Sony Xperia XZ US Edition.
    5. Congratulations.

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