Guide | Bypass FRP - Google Account Removed Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.

Guide | Bypass FRP - Google Account Removed Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.

Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. FRP or factory reset protections is a built-in security feature to protect your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro device and all information stored on your phone. The FRP work by protecting your phone with screen lock and data encryption. This security feature only works on the latest device run on Android Lollipop 5.1. The FRP feature automatically activated on Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro when you set up Google account on your phone. So, if you forget the Google accounts user and password previously synced on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, you will be locked in screen lock after the device is reset. 

So, before you perform the hard reset or factory reset your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. You must provide a correct Google account information. In order to Log in to your phone again after the hard reset done. Therefore, what will you do if you forgot the Google account user and password? you must follow the step by step guide below to fix it. 

This guide isn't for a t*ief, use this guide for education only, or for the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro owner who forgot the Google account information only. Now see the next instruction to remove FRP or Google account removed Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. This method works on the following Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro version (J730G, J730G-DS, J730F)


  1. Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones. Here
  2. ODIN v3.12.7. Here
  3. Stock ROM.
    • SM-J730G / SM-J730G-DS. Here  
    • SM-J730F. (you must be a registered user to download the stock ROM from the following site. Here  
  4. ROM Combination.
    • SM-J730G / SM-J730G-DS. Here  
    • SM-J730F. Here 

Step By Step Remove FRP.

  1. Install Samsung USB driver on your computer.
  2. Install ODIN flash tool.
  3. Power off the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro by a press and hold the power button for a while.
  4. Once it totally powers off, turn it on again to enter download mode or Odin mode. See the following guide how to enter download mode Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.
  5. Now, Run ODIN by double click Odin shortcut on the computer desktop.
  6. For more instruction, see the following video

Video Guide (Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro). below

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