Guide | How to Remove FRP Huawei P10 Android 7.0 to Bypass Google Account.

Guide | How to Remove FRP Huawei P10 Android 7.0 to Bypass Google Account.

Remove FRP Huawei P10. FRP or Factory Reset Protection is automatically activated when you set up your device with Google account username and password. Generally, FRP is a built-in standard security feature on device run at Android 5.0 Lollipop or later. It will help the user to protect all data and personal information stored on the phone after someone perform the hard reset on this device. Therefore, if FRP is enabled, you must delete the Google account or remember it before hard reset proceeding. But, if you already performed and you forgot it you will be stuck at the verifying your account screen. 

The following guide is for a Huawei P10 owner only, not for thi*f. It will explain to you How to Remove FRP Huawei P10 to Bypass Google Account.

Step By Step Remove FRP Huawei P10.

  1. Make sure your Huawei P10 already connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  2. Then, reboot your Huawei P10.
  3. Once Huawei P10 boot up and ready to use, now tap the emergency call at this screen.
  4. the emergency call Huawei P10
    the emergency call Huawei P10
  5. Then type *#*#6130#*#* at the dial pad.
  6. It will open Testing screen.
  7. now tap phone information 
  8. Tap three vertical dots at the top right of the screen from phone info and select view SIM address book
  9. Then tap < at the top left screen to go back.
  10. Now, tap create a new contact
  11. You can type any contact to add to the phone memory. Then on the phone form, you can fill with 555.
  12. Once it ready, you can tap √ at the top right of the screen.
  13. It will bring you to the contact detail screen, at this screen you can tap barcode icon at the top right your phone screen.
  14. barcode Huawei P10
    barcode Huawei P10
  15. It will show the contact bar code, now tap share under the barcode. 
  16. At the Huawei P10 share options, you can tap Notepad
  17. Then you can type anything at the edit note (for example you can type
  18. Once it ready, you can tap √
  19. Now, become a link.
  20.  At this screen, tap, then tap open 
  21. It will open youtube apps.
  22. Tap three vertical dots at the top right of the screen from youtube Apps screen.
  23. At the pull-down menu, you can tap privacy policy.
  24. It will launch the Google Apps.
  25. From the Google Apps address bar, you can type this URL to download Go Launcher Z Apk.
  26. Once it successfully downloaded, you can tap Install to install this apk.
  27. Once this successfully installed, now tap enjoy button.
  28. Now, tap menu - Settings - Accounts - add accounts - Google. then tap back again until you see Settings screen.
  29. From settings - tap Advanced settings - Backup & Reset - Factory Data reset - Reset Phone.
  30. Huawei P10 will automatically reboot.
  31. Just wait for the phone to reboot the system, it will take a while
  32. Once it ready, you must make the first setup in order to use your phone for the first use.
  33. And now, the FRP and Google Account is gone.
  34. Good luck.

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