Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), J7 (2017), J3 (2017) - Remove FRP Protection and Bypass Google Account.

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), J7 (2017), J3 (2017) - Remove FRP Protection and Bypass Google Account.

Remove FRP Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, J3 (2017). The following guide will help you to remove factory Reset Protection or FRP on Samsung Galaxy J7 (201). FRP is an additional security feature that builds in on Samsung Android phone runs on Lollipop 5.0. FRP will help the Samsung phone user to keep their device safe. Some one must provide a correct Google account user name and password previously synced with your device to Log into your Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) after they successfully performed hard reset or factory reset on Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

This guide for educational and the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017, Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), and Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) owner. Note for thi**f.  We use a special tool called RealTerm, it will help you to make any call from the computer to your Samsung phone.


  1. A computer runs on Windows 7 Operating system or later.
  2. Download RealTerm Serial / TCP terminal from the following link.
  3. A USB cable.

Step By Step Remove FRP Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017).

Video Guide. Here
  1. Make sure your device is Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), or Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017), or Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017). Because this guide is only for the model device.
  2. Make sure your battery is fully charged to proceeding this guide.
  3. Turn on your phone until stuck on verifying your Google account username and password.
  4. From this position, connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.
  5. Now, go to your windows computer.
    • Right-click My Computer at desktop
    • Select Manage. (it will open computer management window)
    • Now, click device manager
    • Then, right click Modem and select Properties. (it will open Modem properties window)
    •  Now, click tab Modem.
    • There you will see a Modem Port number.
    • frp samsung j5
      frp samsung j5
  6. Now, open the RealTerm program windows. 
    • Click Port tab 
      • Enter port number (see step 5 above)
    • Click Misc tab 
      • Under display tab, click Setup tab 
      • Make sure you see 3 green light turn on.
      • realTerm setup
        realTerm setup
      • Click Send tab

        • Here are two commands you need to copy at RealTerm window
          1. alt+creg?\r\n
          2. atdxxxxxxx;\r\n 
          • where xxxxxx is a valid phone number,
          • command at real-term
            command at real-term
        • #1. Copy command and paste the first command at the RealTerm window.
        • send command at realterm
          send command at realterm
  7. Then click Send ASCII tab.
  8. Repeat at #1 above to send second command atdxxxxxxx;\r\n
  9. Now, go to your Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) device. Your phone will call xxxxxxxxx number.
  10. After call pickup, slide screen and click on the available Internet browser.
      • FRP Samsung galaxy J5 (2017)
        FRP Samsung galaxy J5 (2017)
  11. Once your browser launched, then type this URL  
        • (quick_shortcut_maker)
        • (Google_account_manager)
  12. Once all file successfully downloaded, now install quick_shortcut_maker.
  13. If you see an error, please install google account manager first, then repeat to install quick shortcut maker again.
  14. Now, open quick_shortcut_maker and use browser sign in to bypass FRP.
  15. You can use any Google log in on your device.
  16. Now your new Google account has been added in your Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016).
  17. It's time to reboot your Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) device. 
  18. Once your Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) ready to use, the FRP is bypassed.
  19. Now you have successfully bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016).

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