Guide | Disable Driver Signature Verification/ Enforcement on Windows 10.

Guide | Disable Driver Signature Verification/ Enforcement on Windows 10.

Disable Driver Signature Verification. The following guide will show you how to Disable Driver Signature Verification on Windows 10. This feature only loads drivers that have been signed by Microsoft Windows. And you can meet this feature only at the Windows 8 and Windows 10 64 Bit version. So, if you need to install less than an official driver, or old unsigned driver you must disable the driver signature verification/enforcement first. 


  1. From the desktop, click Start menu.
  2. Click Power
  3. Click Restart
  4. You need to press and hold the shift button on the keyboard while the computer restart.
  5. It will bring your Windows 10 to the recovery.
  6. Just wait a minute, the system will restart the computer to the recover.
    recovery windows 10
    recovery windows 10
  7. Once your Windows 10 enter recovery windows, now click Troubleshoot.
    Windows recovery troubleshoot
    Windows recovery troubleshoot
  8. Now, click Advanced Option.
  9. recovery windows 10
    driver signature verification
  10. Now, click Startup Settings.
  11. From the Startup settings, you will need to click the restart button.
  12. Now, your Windows 10 will restart. Just wait for the restart process.
  13. Once your computer boots up, you will see this window comes up on your screen. This is Startup Settings windows.
    Disable Driver Signature Verification
    Disable Driver Signature Verification
  14. You need to Disable Driver Signature Verification/ Enforcement because you want to;
    • Install some drivers for download mode on your Android phone.
    • Unbreaking your Android phone.
  15. If  Driver Signature Verification/ Enforcement is enabled, you can't install the driver for your phone. The device manager will not load your phone driver or your drivers may say errors
  16. So, if you want to Disable Driver Signature Verification/ Enforcement on Windows 10. You must press F7 from the startup settings screen. (refers to the Step 12 above).
  17. Finish.

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