Guide | Flash Any Recovery at Sony Xperia Phone Via ADB And Fastboot.

Guide | Flash Any Recovery at Sony Xperia Phone Via ADB And Fastboot.

Flash Sony Xperia Recovery Via ADB. This is a simple guide that explains to you how to install or flash any recover at Sony Xperia device via ADB and fastboot.

What you need?

  1. Android SDK
  2. Driver for your Sony Xperia device. The driver will automatically installed on your computer when your phone connected.
  3. Setup ADB and fastboot on your Windows computer. See This Guide.
  4. Download recovery.img for your phone. you can use a google to search it

Instruction Guide.

  1. Make sure your phone is fully charged, at least you have 78% of battery capacity in order to avoid the system down caused the battery capacity.
  2. Backup everything stored in the phone internal memory to avoid losing the important data.
  3. The following guide is for Windows PC only. But, if you running windows 8 then you need to disable driver signature verification. How to disable driver signature verification on windows? see this guide.
  4. Enable USB debugging on your Sony Xperia phone. How to enter download mode Sony Xperia phone?
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap About Phone.
    • Tap Build Number 7 or 8 times, until your Sony Xperia phone say you are in developer now.
    • Back to the settings screen.
    •  Find Developer Option and then Tap it.
    • Now, tap USB debugging.
    • If you see a pop-up screen, just tap OK.
  5. Now, connect the phone to the PC
  6. Go to the drive C:\SDK\Platform-tools. -- this drive is where your ADB and fastboot installed.
  7. Now, paste your recovery image here and rename it to recovery.img
  8. Press and hold Shift key + Right click mouse at this folder, then click open command here. 
    sdk command prompt
    sdk command prompt
  9. Now, ADB is ready to be used.
  10. Type this command to start using ADB
    • adb devices
  11. It should return to the list of devices attached.
  12. Go to back your phone, it should see a pop-up screen that says Allow USB debugging? - Tap OK
  13. Now type this command.
    • adb reboot bootloader
  14. Your phone must reboot.
  15. Then, type this command.
    • fastboot devices
  16. Now, type this command to proceed to flash a recovery image.
    • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  17. Wait for the flashing process done, and you will see the command prompt look like this.
    adb and fastboot command
    adb and fastboot command
  18. Once the flashing process was done, now type this command.
    • fastboot reboot.
  19. Now you can safely disconnect your phone from PC
  20. Finish.

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