How to Flash and Update Firmware All ZTE Mobiles Via System Recovery.

How to Flash and Update Firmware All ZTE Mobiles Via System Recovery.

Flash Firmware All ZTE Phone. The following guide will show you how to flash and update a new firmware into your ZTE Phone device. So, if you need to flash your ZTE phones you can follow this guide below. There are various ways to flash or update ZTE phones. You can use a PC or computer to flash a new firmware with Flash tool or use the second's method via Android system recovery. In my opinion, the 2nd method is easy to use, just download the firmware from the official site and then transfer it to the SD card via USB cable.

For more instructions, you can read the step by step tutorial below.

Step by Step Flash Firmware ZTE phone.

  1. To avoid all data lose during the update process, we highly recommend to backup everything stored in phone internal memory.
  2. Make sure your ZTE phone battery is fully charged in order to avoid the system down when the update process is running.
  3. Download from the following link on your computer or PC. Here
  4. Once it completely downloaded, transfer file to the SD Card (you can connect SD Card to the computer using card reader and USB cable)
  5. Put file at the directory root for easy access later.
  6. Once the transfer process is finished, disconnect SD Card from the computer and re-insert it again to the SD Card tray on your ZTE phone.
  7. Install phone battery, and then power ON again by press and hold the following button. (the position of the buttons may vary depending on the type of ZTE mobile phone, generally located on the side and above of ZTE phone)
    • Power Button + Volume UP button. 
  8. When ZTE phone vibrates, release power button only, while Volume Up still hold.

  9. Now, release all button when Android logo comes up on screen. And your ZTE phone enters Android System Recovery. 
    ZTE Android System Recovery
    ZTE Android System Recovery
  10. At this screen, you can use Volume Up or Volume down to move highlight menu.  And, use the power button to select or confirm.
  11. Before proceeding flashing the firmware, you must perform a hard reset or factory reset on your device. Just follow this step to perform it.
    • Highlight wipe data/factory reset using volume up/down and press the Power button to confirm.
      wipe data/factory reset ZTE
      wipe data/factory reset ZTE
    • Then, you must confirm wipe of all user data by highlight Yes – delete all user data. Just wait a minute, the Android system will delete all user data.
      delete all user data ZTE
      delete all user data ZTE
  12. If you still want to proceed to flash a new firmware now follow this step.
    • From the Android System Recovery screen, highlight Apply update from external storage then press the power button.
      Apply update from external storage
      Apply update from external storage
    • Then, navigate to the file locations.
  13. Once file found, you can highlight it and press the power button to continue flashing process.
  14. The update or flashing process will begin, you will see green Android logo on screen with the process bar. It will take 1-5 minute.
  15. Finish.

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