Official Method | How to Unlock Bootloader Huawei Honor 9

Official Method | How to Unlock Bootloader Huawei Honor 9.

Unlock Bootloader Honor 9. As the Android expert, we think all of you understand what is bootloader, and what for the Android Bootloader. Ok, this little explanation will explain what is a bootloader. This may help you to understand what is the bootloader mean. A bootloader is a tiny software that runs every time your Honor 9 boots up. It will manage what programs to load in order to make your phone run properly. By default, the bootloader is locked by the factory. So, how to unlock it? The answer is, now you are at the right place. Because at this guide we will explain to you how to unlock the bootloader on Huawei Honor 9 using official method.

If your bootloader is locked, it means you can not install or flash your own operating system or any recovery like TWRP recovery or CWM recovery. Therefore, you must unlock the bootloader first before installing the custom ROM or custom recovery. From this video, we make this guide.


  1. You need to downl0ad the following tool to your computer.
    • Downl0ad Huawei Honor 9 driver.
    • ADB Fastboot tool
  2. Once the download successfully, now extract it.
  3. Enable USB debugging
  4. Enable OEM Unlock


  1. First, you need to install the Hsuite as a Huawei Honor 9 USB driver.
  2. Extract ADB fastboot tool using any zip program. e.g 7zip.
  3. Now open ADB folder.
  4. Then just click adb.exe to run it.
  5. Now, connect your Huawei Honor 9 to the computer via USB cable.
  6. Then, from the ADB fastboot folder right click and hold the shift button, and click open command window here.
    open command in adb fastboot
    open command in adb fastboot
  7. Now, your ADB command prompt windows come up on your screen.
  8. Before we execute any command, you need to visit this website.
  9. Once this page successfully loaded, now click Unlock.
    unlock bootloader honor 9
    unlock bootloader honor 9
  10. You need to create a Huawei ID on this page if you don’t have one already
  11. Tick on I have read and accept all terms above and click next.
  12. You must provide the following information in order to apply for the unlock password.
    • EMUI type
    • Product model
    • Product serial number
    • Product IMEI or MEID
    • Product ID
  13. Fill all required fields and click the Commit button.
  14. Now, save the unlock code you received from the official Huawei website. just copy the unlock code to the notepad and save the file on your computer.
  15. Note: the website will save the code for 40 days, after that day you don't have able to free unlock code from the website.
  16. Then, go back step no. 7 above.
  17. Once command prompt windows come up, now you need to check your Huawei Honor 9 successfully connected or not using the following command and press enter.
    • adb device.
  18. If your device is successfully connected to the computer, then the result will return like this.
    • list of devices attached ...
      Unlock Bootloader Huawei Honor 9
      Unlock Bootloader Huawei Honor 9
  19. Once your Huawei Honor 9 successfully connected to the computer. Now, reboot your device into bootloader using this command and press enter
    • adb reboot bootloader
  20. Now, type the following command to unlock the bootloader Huawei Honor 9.
    • fastboot OEM unlock xxxxxxxxxxx
  21. Where xxxxxxxxxxx is the unlock code from the Huawei website. (refer to step no. 14 above)
  22. When you type this command, it will go a black window on your phone.
  23. Just use volume key and select yes and press the power button.
  24. It will take sometimes and will erase your personal data. Then it will unlock the bootloader.
  25. If this command successfully executes, it will say remote already fastboot unlocked at the command prompt windows.
  26. Finish.

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