Guide | Flash Stock ROM LG G6 - (LG-US997 15A ROM) Via TWRP Recovery.

Guide | Flash Stock ROM LG G6 - (LG-US997 15A ROM) Via TWRP Recovery.

Flash Stock ROM LG G6 US997. This is an easy method to flash Stock ROM on LG G6 US997. We use the ZIP file to be able to flash through TWRP recovery. This ZIP file is created from the original KDZ and changed to the boot.img. This guide is written from the following xda threads. So, if you still confused how to apply this guide you can directly go to the source. Flashing stock ROM with the following made only work on the phone which can not get OTA's update because they have custom recovery/root /custom ROM installed.

There are many reasons why people install a custom ROM on their LG G6. Usually, they want to customize and improve the phone performance. The problems arise after they using custom ROM installed on the LG G6. For example.
  • The custom ROM has many bugs and unstable.
  • There are many features doesn't work
  • The custom ROM having an issue with the hardware configuration.
  • By installing custom ROM will void a phone warranty.
To resolve the issue above, simply flash your device with stock ROM and you will get back to the first time you bought this phone.

Stock ROM features.

  1. Stock build made from official KDZ
  2. Stock Build.prop
  3. Unrooted
  4. Boot.img modified to keep TWRP
  5. Remove dm-verity
  6. Remove forceencrypt


  1. Make sure your device is Android LG G6 US997
  2. You need to Unlock Bootloader LG G6 US997 -- visit this guide how to do it
  3. Make sure TWRP is installed on your LG G6 device. -- Visit this guide how to install TWRP recovery on LG G6
  4. You need to get root access on LG G6
  5. Download LG G6 Stock ROM -- US997_15A_(TWRP).zip

Installation Guide.

  1. Make sure all the prerequisite above is done.
  2. Backup everything before proceeding the flashing process.
  3. Make sure you have 80% of battery capacity.
  4. Copy stock ROM or Zip file to the SD card root directory.
  5. Now, reboot LG G6 to the TWRP recovery using the following button/key at the same time.
    • Volume UP + Power Button
  6. Once your LG G6 enter TWRP recovery main menu. You can do the following task.
    • Backup Dalvik, ART, Cache,
    • Wipe System & Data
    • Then, reboot again.
  7. Now, back to the TWRP main menu again. and tap Install button.
  8. Then, browse your custom ROM US997_15A_(TWRP).zip from the internal memory root directory.
  9. Then, Swap to confirm flash.
  10. Just wait for a flashing process,
  11. Once it was done, you can tap reboot to reboot your device into the system.
  12. Finish.

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