Hard Reset OnePlus 5T to Unlock Security Pattern Lock Screen or Forgotten Password.

Hard Reset OnePlus 5T to Unlock Security Pattern Lock Screen or Forgotten Password.

Master Reset OnePlus 5T. The following guide will show you how to perform the hard reset or master reset on OnePlus 5T. hard reset on Android phone also calls with a factory reset. It will restore all user setting to default factory setting and wipes all user data. So, if you have any issue with lock screen the hard reset will help you to fix it. There are several methods to do a hard reset OnePlus 5T. First, you can use the software menu located on the settings menu. second, you can perform the hard reset using external phone button. generally, this button is on the side phone body. you can use one of these methods to perform a hard reset on OnePlus 5T, depending on the locked condition of your mobile phone.

Warning. Hard Reset OnePlus 5T will erase all of your personal data. guidebelajar not responsible for any damages. Perform a hard reset on your own responsibility only.

Hard Reset OnePlus 5T Guide (Hardware Button)

  1. Power off phone
  2. Backup everything stored in phone memory
  3. Turn on phone press and hold the following button at the same time.
    • Power button + volume down button.
    reset OnePlus 5T
    reset OnePlus 5T
  4. Release the volume down only when the OnePlus logo comes up, then immediately press it again.
  5. If your Oneplus 5T is locked by pattern lock, you must draw it to unlock. 
  6. Once it successfully approved, now your phone will enter recovery menu.
  7. From the recovery menu, tap English
    reset OnePlus 5T
    reset OnePlus 5T
  8. Then tap wipe data and cache
  9. Now, tap Erase everything (music, pics, etc)
  10. Then tap this cannot be undone, continue?
  11. Now, your Oneplus 5T will wipe everything to restore default factory settings.
  12. finish.

Hard Reset OnePlus 5T via Software Menu.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then tap Backup&reset
  3. Now tap factory data reset.
  4. Tap System data
  5. Tap Reset Phone.
  6. Tap Erase everything

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