Guide Fix a Bootloop LG K7 2017 By Flashing a Stock Firmware Using LG Flashtool.

Guide Fix a Bootloop LG K7 2017 By Flashing a Stock Firmware Using LG Flashtool.

Flash Stock Firmware LG K7 2017. If your device is experiencing bootloop caused by OTA update failure, You can try to re-flash the stock firmware using this method. The following guide will show you how to flash a new stock firmware on LG K7 2017 using LG flashtool 2014. By flashing, then the firmware is corrupted causing the bootloop will be restored to the early time. So your phone will return to normal use with the original stock firmware. To start flash stock ROM on your device, please follow the step by step instructions below.

Here is the LG K7 2017 specification. This device is also known as LG K7i X230I for India, LG X230 for Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Romania, LG X230K for the Philippines, LG MS330 for MetroPCS. LG K7 2017 released 2017, May. Powered by Quad-core 1.1 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU, Mediatek MT6737M chipset, Mali-T720MP2 GPU. Also supported with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM. LG K7 2017 has 8 MP of primary camera and 5 MP of secondary camera. This phone runs on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow).
Ok, let's continue the flash process.
flash stock LG K7 2017
flash stock LG K7 2017
As the alternative methods, you can flash your LG K7 2017 with LG UP and Uppercut, Use this guide.


  1. Make sure your device is Android LG K7 2017, don't try to apply this guide to the other LG model.
  2. Download LG driver from Here.
  3. Download LG Flashtool 2014 from here
  4. Then, download LG mobile support tool from Here.
  5. Now, download LG K7 2017 stock firmware. There is two method to download the LG K7 2017 stock firmware (KDZ method).
    • The first method, download stock firmware using IMEI number on your mobile phone. see the following instructions to do it.
  6. The second method, you can visit the following link to download the LG K7 2017 stock firmware. This firmware is for LG MS330 Metro PCS. Here

Step By Step Flashing a Stock Firmware.

  1. Install all driver and LG flashtool 2014 on your computer before proceeding flashing the firmware.
  2. Then, put the KDZ firmware in the same folder as the LG flashtool 2014.
  3. Flash firmware on the bootloop phone will erase all data. Therefore we suggest backup everything stored in the phone memory.
  4. Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable, and make sure it connected. if not, please check the driver already installed or not.
  5. If you encounter an error during LG flashtool installation, please download and install the following file. VC_RedistInstaller.exe
  6. Now, launch LG flashtool 2014 as administrator. How to do it?
    • right click at LG Flashtool2014.exe - then click run as administrator.
  7. Once the LG flashtool window appears on the computer screen, do the sequences according to the number shown in the picture.
  8. flash LG K7 2017
    flash LG K7 2017
    • 1: At Select type, you can choose CDMA or 3GQCT
    • 2: Select DIAG at phone mode drop-down menu.
    • 3: You can click the folder icon to load KDZ firmware into LG flash tool at the select KDZ file.
    • 4: Just click normal flash, it will Flash stock firmware without losing any data. But in the other case, you can select CSE flash if you want upgrading, downgrading, bootlooping, or just need to go back to original fresh stock. this task will delete everything stored in phone internal memory.
  9. If you select the normal flash button, you will see the window shown in the picture below. Now click Start.
  10. LG flash tool - flash LG Stylus 2 Plus
    LG flash tool - flash LG Stylus 2 Plus
  11. Now, you will see country & Language window, don't tick Smartphone upgrade checkbox. And you can click clear phone software update registry button.
  12. Then, Power Off your LG K7 2017.
  13. Then connect LG K4 2017 to the computer via USB cable while press and hold Volume Up button.
  14. Release volume up button when your phone enters download mode. with a firmware update shown at the top of the screen.
  15. enter download mode LG
    enter download mode LG
  16. Now, back to LG Flash tool 2014 window (country & Language window), you can select “Different” from the country list and then “English” from the language list. Then click OK button.
  17. Now, LG flash tool 2014 will automatically launch LG Mobile Support Tool window on a screen.
  18. LG Mobile Support Tool
    LG Mobile Support Tool
  19. Just wait the status bar reach 100% that indicate flashing process successfully.
  20. At this step, your LG K7 2017 will reboot automatically, then you need to close or exit the current windows.
  21. Then, disconnect your phone from the computer.

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