How to Dump Cricket LG Harmony (M257) Stock Firmware Using LG UP.

How to Dump Cricket LG Harmony (M257) Stock Firmware Using LG UP.

Dump LG Harmony Stock Firmware. Experimenting with Android devices is challenging and fun, but sometimes we make a failure that causes the android device cannot work normally. Therefore, we need to dump or backup the current stock firmware. NAd now, we will show you how to backup or dump stock firmware LG Harmony (M257) for cricket using LG UP tool. So, when we need to flash a stock ROM, so when we need stock firmware, we do not need to download it from the official site or use our phone IMEI number.

There are some basic reasons why we should dumping stock firmware on LG harmony. First, I've mentioned the reason for dumping above. Second, all LG phones from AT&T and Cricket Wireless support firmware Over The Air Software Update (OTA update) only. So, we can not download stock KDZ firmware for the phones with the IMEI number.

Once you get the DUMP files for your LG Harmony (M257) then you can restore your phone back to stock later. or if your LG Harmony (M257) get boot loop or bricked.


  1. Make sure your phone is LG Harmony (M257) to follow this guide. because this guide only works on the current phone.
  2. Now, download and install LG USB drivers. Get the driver from here
  3. Then, download and install LG UP tool. Get the files from here
  4. Then, install LG G6 dll. Download the file from this link 
  6. Once LG G6 dll already installed, then you need to download this file. Here 
    • You need to rename the LGUP_G6.dll to lgup_common.dll
    • Then, copy it to copy it to the following folder.
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model\Common

Dumping Guide.

  1. Once you have everything ready, now put your LG Harmony (M257) into download mode. How to put LG Harmony (M257) into download mode?
    • Power off phone.
    • Then, connect it to the computer via USB cable while press and hold the Volume Up button.
    • Release the Volume Up button when the LG logo comes Up.
    • Just wait a minute.
    • Now, your LG harmony (M257) will enter download mode. And you will see "firmware update" shown at the top of the phone screen.
    • Don't unplug the USB connection until the process is complete.
  2. Now, open LG UP
  3. From the LG UP main menu click DUMP.
  4. dump LG harmony stock firmware
    dump LG harmony stock firmware
  5. Then, Click start, From the pop-up Partition List, 
  6. dump LG harmony stock firmware
    dump LG harmony stock firmware
  7. Click Select all, and then scroll down to uncheck the user's partition.
  8. Then, you need to click OK to start the DUMP process on your LG Harmony (M257) cricket.

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