SEO Keywords - How to Use Google Keyword Planner 2018 For Blog and YouTube

SEO Keywords - How to Use Google Keyword Planner 2018 For Blog and YouTube

Tutorial Google Keyword Planner 2018. This guide will show you how to use Google's Keyword Planner to find the right keywords to write in your blog posts or put in the Youtube descriptions. Because the use of the right keywords can determine the position of your post in search engines. In this case, we use the Google search engine. Many people are wondering how to use the right Google Keyword Planner. Therefore, we will show you a detailed guide how to use it.

Ok, now we will be showing you how to use Google's keyword planner, now you should probably already know the importance of keywords in your article. But, if you don't really briefly and you should be using certain keywords or certain phrases within your blog posts. Within the descriptions of your YouTube videos or things like that. To really ensure that you'are doing everything you can to make it as easy as possible for people to find your blog or website, or find your content. 

So, when they go to the browser and open search engine and they search for you know a particular keyword or particular tutorial. If you'are using those proper keywords within your content, they are more likely to find you. Therefore, it's exceptionally important. We don't write a single solitary blog post, we don't write a single YouTube description without doing Google keyword research first, that is our step.

Now, go ahead and just dive right in here. We will leave a link down below to the page that you should go. But you could also alternatively just search for Google keyword planner. And we are going to click Google keyword research and strategy with keyword planner right here. 

The first thing you will see is you obviously have to either start now button or sign in. What we recommend doing is making sure you have a Gmail account. Quick note here, if you have tried to do this before and you had issues with it so maybe it kept trying to make you create an ad or pay for you know some sort of promotion or marketing. You can use the keyword planner without having to create an Ad. We have never paid for a Google Ad before so. If you have done that before and you kept running into that issue. 

My suggestion is to use Google Chrome and then to click the three dots on the side on the right-hand side. What we are in is what they call an incognito window and this just kind of you know forgets my history and it just kind of imagines or pretend that we are a new user and that we don't have any history. We have never tried to create this before. But use the incognito window and then do what we are gonna do here. 

Step By Step Using Google Keyword Planner.

  1. As we suggested above, make sure you open the Google Chrome window in incognito mode.
  2. Then type Google keyword planner in the Google search bar.
  3. Now click Google keyword research and strategy with keyword planner on the search result.
    Google keyword planner
    Google keyword planner
  4. Then, click sign-in and we are going to go ahead and just sign-in with your Gmail account. If however, you don't have an account set you can click start now button.
  5. We are going to back, we'll click start now. So you can see this picture. This is the tricky part that so important and will help you find to get past having to create an Ad. You're gonna click skip the guided setup, don't put your Email address. Also, don't put your website and don't click continue. 
  6. Then, you're gonna go ahead and create your Google Adwords account without actually having to pay for ads. So, we're going to type in my information here, and then you will click save and continue.
  7. And then you will just go ahead and sign-in with that account. Just wait for a minute, it will load the site to prepare an information.
  8. Now, click a little wrench located at the top-right of the screen, it's gonna pull up all these different things you can do what we want is the keyword planner under the planning area or planning section.
  9. And now you will see this image on the screen.This is where you are gonna go ahead and type in. You know whatever words or phrases you are gonna be going ahead and writing about. So let's think of an example, here we are gonna think of Android. If we wanted to write an Android post but we weren't quite sure what exact keywords. We should use to really boost our chances of being found in search engines.
  10. We will just start with Android and then we will go from there. So, it will pull up a suggestion yes. This is the keyword we want and then click get started.
  11. Ok, so here are all the results. Pulled together and as you can see here we scroll down we have got a lot of information to go through. So there are a couple of tips that we use for ourselves. Once we get to this point to really help narrow things down. We don't have to week through a lot of stuff, we want just narrow down to exactly the type of keywords that I'm looking for. 
  12. So the first thing that I like to do is find of sort everything by relevance. So, I don't want it to find of stray too far from the topic. The exact whole topic what I'm looking for. So, I will go ahead and just you click on a keyword by relevance and it will sort it that way or if you wanted to change it by average monthly searches which is just the number of times each month that particular keyword is used on Google. Then you could know click on it and you can see it went ahead and sorted it that way.
  13. But I'm gonna go ahead and keep it by a keyword that's the first thing I do. Now the default as far as their filters are concerned or right here you can see it excludes adult ideas. Because my blog is for all family this is obviously a must for me. Can't imagine anything bad with Android. But anyway moving on now 

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