Guide Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) To Remove Forgotten Password and Pattern Lock Screen.

Guide Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) To Remove Forgotten Password and Pattern Lock Screen.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018). Every android device has a different way to do a hard reset. Therefore, the following guide we made to hard reset on Samsung J3 (2018). Generally, people call hard reset as factory reset or master reset. Where every Android device that has a hard reset will be restored to the factory settings. This means that all the settings ever made by the user will be deleted, as well as the data ever stored in the internal memory of the mobile phone. For that, you have to back up all important data before the hard reset is started. We also recommend performing a hard reset if you really need it.

Ok, if you really need this guide you can continue to read more instructions below.

Guide Master Reset Samsung J3 (2018).

  1. We remind you again, perform a hard reset if necessary. And if indeed you have to hard reset your device do not forget to make a full data backup.
  2. In this case, our phone is locked by password or pattern lock screen. So to reset we use the hardware button on the device.
  3. If you are ready to reset your phone, you must power it off first.
  4. Once your Samsung J3 (2018) completely powers off, then power on this phone again using the following button.
    • Volume UP + Power Button.
    hard reset Samsung J3 2018
    hard reset Samsung J3 2018

  5. Release the Power button only when the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2018) Logo comes up on the screen. While the power-up button is still pressed.
  6. Now, release all buttons when your phone enters Android Recovery.
    Android Recovery Samsung J3 (2018)
    Android Recovery Samsung J3 (2018)
  7. You can use the volume button to navigate the menu, and use the power button to confirm.
  8. Now, scroll down the menu using volume down button and highlight Wipe data/factory reset. once it selected now press the power button to confirm.
  9. At the next screen, highlight yes. Press the Power button to confirm the hard reset proses.
  10. Just wait for a second, the process will start restoring your phone to the factory setting. If the process has finished, you will see a message that data wipe completed at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Back to the Android Recovery main menu. Then highlight Reboot System Now and press the power button to reboot your phone.
  12. Once the hard reset process is successful, your Samsung J3 (2018) will reboot automatically. And after re-booting to the home screen, your phone has been restored to the factory default setting.
  13. Finish.

Video Guide.

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