Samsung J7 Prime 2 (SM-G611f) Was Reset and Forgot The Gmail Account - Bypass FRP.

Samsung J7 Prime 2 (SM-G611f) Was Reset and Forgot The Gmail Account - Bypass FRP.

Bypass Google Account Samsung J7 Prime 2. You will find a new obstacle after doing a hard reset or factory reset on an Android device. If you forget the Gmail user account and password that previously synced with the current device. This feature is called factory reset protection or FRP. So, if you intend to perform a hard reset then you have to remember the Gmail account user and password to avoid the locked phone, or by other means by deleting the Gmail account registered on the device. For the device that is locked because of the current problem, you will be on the verifying your account screen. Where you have to enter the Gmail user account and password.

You will find that description that says, This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account that was previously synced on this device. as shown in the picture below.
bypass FRP Samsung J7 Prime 2
bypass FRP Samsung J7 Prime 2
Then, what do you do if already perform a hard reset and you forget your Gmail account information? now, I will try to give a short solution how to do bypass FRP to unlock Samsung J7 Prime 2. We make this guide specifically for J7 Prime 2 users and owners, not for thieves.

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  1. Make sure the device you use to follow this guide is Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 (SM-G611f).
  2. Make sure you have Wifi internet connection available 
  3. Then, connect your Samsung J7 Prime 2 to the Internet via the Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Now, D0wnload the following link.
  5. Copy or move the FRP tool into your phone SD card

Guide to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2.

  1. From Verifying Your Account screen tap back.
  2. Tap home button 2x to launch talkback tutorial.
  3. From Talkback, make L pattern with your finger to launch the Global Context Menu.
  4. Then, tap TalkBack settings.
  5. Now, press and hold both of the Volume buttons to Suspend the Talkback and tap OK.
  6. Then, tap Help & Feedback
  7. Now, search with Voice. On the search result tap Voice.
  8. Then, tap Get Started with voice access.
  9. Play Youtube Video and 
  10.  For the next step, you can see the following video.

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