How To Find The Model Number on an Android Phone or Tablet.

How To Find The Model Number on an Android Phone or Tablet.

Find The Phone Model Number. Every Android handphone released by the factory to the market must have a model number. Generally, phone’s model name and a number is to use the phone itself to identify the device. If you are an Android mobile user, you should know how to find out the model number of your phone. Because someday you definitely need it. For example, if you want to download the firmware or install certain applications. To find out the phone model number is not difficult, we do not need tools or applications that must be downloaded then installed on an Android mobile phone.

There are several methods that you can use to find out the phone model. Ok, let see the following guide to find the Android phone model.

Find Phone Model By Remove The Battery.

For most Android Samsung devices, the model number (e.g. "SM-A320F" or "SM-A520F") is found inside the phone. It becomes visible when you open your phone back cover and remove the battery.
find phone model number
find phone model number

Find Phone Model Via Bluetooth.

When Bluetooth is activated it will automatically display the name of the cell phone model, unless you have changed its name. Bluetooth name will be used to communicate with other Bluetooth devices. 

Find Phone Model Number Via Phone's Settings.

You can also check the phone number model directly using the menu settings. Each brand of handphone has a different way to check the phone model number.
find phone model number
find phone model number
  1. Samsung.
    • tap the Home button, it will bring you to the home screen.
    • Open APP drawer.
    • Tap Settings.
    • From the Settings screen, scroll down and tap on about phone or about device.
    • From About phone or about device screen check the device name and Model Number.
  2. LG
    • From the Home screen.
    • Go to APP drawer.
    • Tap settings.
    • Scroll down the screen tap About Phone.
    • Then, tap hardware info
    • Now, check the Model Number.
  3. Lenovo.
    • From home screen go to App drawer
    • Tap settings.
    • Then tap All settings.
    • Scroll down the screen.
    • Tap about phone.
    • Tap Version info.
    • Now check the Model number.

Find Phone Model Number Via Box.
Find The Model Number
Find The Model Number

Actually, if you notice, the box to wrap the handphone from the factory has all the device identities in it. The phone name and phone model number printed on a small white sticker. on old cell phones also have a sticker model like this, which you can find inside the battery cover (and potentially behind a removable battery).

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